Australian Junior Golf Lessons

I am an Athlete | Ages 6-8

Each junior in the I am an Athlete program will engage in activities designed to promote the development of fundamental motor patterns needed to excel in sport. It is imperative that children are given the opportunity to participate in activities that are enjoyable while developing their athletic skills. The program focus will be on playing the game and staying athletic.

  • Monthly 30 minute private lesson
  • Weekly 60 minute training session (6:1 athlete to coach ratio)
  • Online video swing locker

Golf is a Sport | Ages 9-13

In our Golf Is a Sport program, Athletes will begin to transform there fundamental motor skills into golf specific skills. This is the time to refine fundamental motor skills and develop the skills necessary to be a competitive golfer. While enrolled, the junior athletes in the Golf is a Sport program will be strongly encouraged to continue participating in a variety of sports.

Skills assessment and development along with the introduction of structured practice sessions will be the primary areas of focus throughout the program. Healthy competitions will be conducted on a minimal basis and an emphasis placed upon on successes and what was learned. Athletes choosing to participate in junior tournaments will be encouraged to do the same after an event. Golf is a Sport is for the junior athlete looking to excel at the junior and collegiate level while pursuing their dream as a world class professional golfer.

  • Two 60 minute lessons per month
  • Weekly 90 minute training session (6:1 athlete to coach ratio)
  • Monthly on-course instruction
  • Online video swing locker

BannLynch Golf Elite Athlete | Ages 14-19

BLG Elite Athlete is for the high-level junior wanting to prepare their game for golf’s most competitive arenas. The sole purpose of this program is to develop a complete game capable of standing up to the pressures of collegiate and professional golf. A holistic approach will be employed to ensure all athletes are well versed in the Physical, Mental, Technical, and Strategic factors of sport. Private technical instruction and competitive training needed to prepare them for winning at the highest levels will be an integral portion of the program.

This is a unique opportunity to train the way tour players train, where the tour players train. The practices that will be utilized have both produced and maintained the games of dozens of touring professionals. These same training methods have produced victories in the US Amateur Championship and US Open Championship; have compiled multiple wins on the PGA TOUR, European, and TOUR, as well as many other major professional tours worldwide.

  • Three 60 minute lessons per month
  • Weekly 90 minute competitive training session (6:1 athlete to coach ratio)
  • Monthly on-course instruction
  • ESi mental/emotional assessment
  • Tournament preparation and post tournament evaluation
  • BannLynchGolf Training Journal
  • Online video swing locker